Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers LIVE on BBC!

You have the chance to listen to our radio performance on Youtube now!
Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers alias The One Takes

Part 1: "Don't Tell Me" and Interview

Part 2: "I've Been Waiting" and "Deep Fried Funk"


Thursday, 9 September 2010

BBC6 Craig Charles Show this Saturday!!

Just two days to go!

Hannah Williams & The One Takes will perform this Saturday with TV legend Craig Charles at Soul Cellar, Southampton. Come down if you can! Tickets still available.
A night not to be missed!!

My websites!

My own website FlowBe is finished!

My new project's website is nearly done, but you can already check it out: Le Cafe.

Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Aloe Blacc - I need a Dollar

Aloe Blacc live in the recording studio playing "I need a Dollar"
This song is used as the title to one of my fav HBO series How To Make It In America.

Here is the song used in the beautiful made intro.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hannah Williams & The One Takes on BBC radio!!!

The Band in the BBC Solent studios with Sally Taylor this morning.
Listen to it now for the next 7 days on bbc iplayer! Go to 02:34:00 to listen to us.

Setting everything up with of one of the happiest producer i've met, Geoff. He was great!

Sally Taylor listening to our first track...

...she seems to enjoy it!

afterwards a quick one with all of us

The whole lot having fun!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Ok Go - End Love

Loving it! Once again this band shows their full creativity with a unique music video!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hannah Williams & The One Takes

Listen to us on MySpace!

Mikiki's Bar at Winchester "Funkology Night" (14/05/10)

HW&One Takes with friends after supporting The James Taylor Quartet at the Soul Cellar, Southampton (08/05/10)
After those two gigs we supported the legendary Sugar Hill Gang at the Railway Inn, Winchester (01/06/10).
For our big show with Craig Charles (11/09/10 at Soul Cellar, Southampton/BBC6) are working with additional musicians together, the Tastemakers Orchestra. Here you have the chance to have a inside look of our rehearsals at the Valley Studios, Winchester.

Hannah, Gina, Elli, Rob, Chris

Hannah Williams

Genius Hillman

Sophie and Hannah

Dougie Funk, me, Sophie, Hannah, Gina, Elli, Rob
Mr. Needles

Dougie Funk and me

Next upcoming Shows are:
03/09/10 Funkology at Mikiki's, Winchester
04/09/10 Live on BBC Radio Solent
11/09/10 Live on BBC 6, Craig Charles Show at Soul Cellar, Southampton
24/09/10 La Baronia, Southampton

A Summer for the win with amazing friends

Here are a few photos that were taken over a very exciting summer!

Me in Leeds with friends

Winchester (Mikiki's Funkology Launch Party after performing with the Band)

Tipi, Or Not Tipi?

Visit the Website for more info and to watch the film under: tipivalleydoc.weebly.com.

Me filming

The documentary is done! What a life changing experience!

The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Read the review here. Awesome play directed by Jennifer Salter and Alex Ruos

Me as Victor the Clock-Fixer and Lisa (Christina Finn)

Me as the Scapegoat

2. right: me as the Violinist

SOHO Show & PAW Awards 2010

Watch a video on Facebook of us performing here.

Here some photos of me from the Performing Arts Winchester Awards. I got awarded for Best Performance in WWoD (see post above)

Flowbe is back!!

Hi guys,

Yeah its true, I'm back...well I wasn't really gone (only for two weeks in Berlin). Well, to be honest I didn't even realise how fast the last few month went.

I'm on my way into the final year at university now and it is very exciting. In May I was finishing off two film projects with ScreenCatcher. The film True Colour and the documentary Tipi, or not Tipi?.
Both of them went really well, but we are especially proud of our documentary. At the U-Doc Student Documentary Festival Winchester it won the price Best Cinematography.
Here a link to the official Tipi, or not Tipi? website. On Documentary you can watch the film. Its password protected, so just ask me and I can provide the password for it.
The Drama production True Colour is not online yet.

Besides the films I finally got the chance to be back on stage again as an actor. With Performing Arts Winchester I performed in the play The Wonderful World of Dissocia. I played Victor, a watch maker, a Scapegoat, a musician/violinist and a doctor. I enjoyed it very much and my happiness increased with the price for Best Actor in the play at the PAW University Awards.

Other good things are happening in music! Not only that we had a massive showcase with our choir at University, but also the band I'm playing in is doing extremely well at the moment. Shortly after Easter I joined the band Hannah Williams & The One Takes in which I play the keys. Since I am a member of it I had the chance to support acts like the James Taylor Quartet and the Hip-Hop legends Sugar Hill Gang on stage. On saturday we are playing live on BBC Solent radio. On the 11. September we will be playing on BBC 6 Craig Charles Show live from the Soul Cellar, Southampton.

It is unbelieveable what happened in this short period of my life. Right now I'm planning my Final Year Project which will be a film. Le Café it is called and it will be the first completely own production. I have now a own website as well.

I think thats a good update so far.
Have a good one.