Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Clueso and the STÜBA Philharmonie

Great idea! Great performance! Great orchestra!
Clueso + STÜBA - Chicago

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


For the same module I created SnowTime my friends did their own piece about Time. Its called Play. 
Great work, I think!

Play from Jemma Riley-Tolch on Vimeo.
Twixtor Test - Outdoor Play
University Project
Music - Lymbyc System

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

British Independent Film Awards 2010

On the 5th of December the British Independent Film Awards were hosted by the actor James Nesbitt in London.
I completely missed out on that, because of being busy with Jack The Ripper and other work.
However it seems the The King's Speech was one of the biggie's this year. This film for an Oscar? Looks like it. Also Monsters surprises in many categories...

                                                                                                                                                 Best British Independent Film
The King's Speech

Best Director of a British Independent Film
Gareth Edwards for Monsters

The Douglas Hickox Award
Clio Barnard for The Arbor

Best Screenplay
David Seidler for The King's Speech

Best Performance by an Actress in a British Independent Film
Carey Mulligan for Never Let Me Go

Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film
Colin Firth for The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter for The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actor
Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech

Most Promising Newcomer
Joanne Froggatt for In Our Name

Best Achievement In Production

The Raindance Award
Son of Babylon

Best Technical Achievement
Gareth Edwards for Monsters

Best British Documentary
Enemies of the People

Best British Short Film

Best Foreign Independent Film
A Prophet

The Richard Harris Award
Helena Bonham Carter

The Variety Award
Liam Neeson

The Special Jury Prize
Jenne Casarotto

Jack The Ripper - A Musical Play

Yes, you are right!
Tomorrow I will be on stage playing an old pervy tramp. Performing Arts Winchester is presenting Jack The Ripper on this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the University of Winchester.

It will be my second production with PAW this year.
At the beginning of the year I was playing a part in The Wonderful World of Dissocia, which was a massive success here in Winchester.
This time I'm stepping up in dancing and singing. It will be my first proper musical performance, as WWoD was mainly acting only.
I never knew that dancing, singing and acting could be so hard. I thought it would be a challenge, but I was not prepared for it at all.
Now, as the dress- run went well I'm quite confident that the next days are going to be epic!

If you are living in or around Winchester, please don't miss out on this wonderful, gruesome, hilarious and thrilling musical experience. Tickets for each day are still available online and on the door.
Remember "Jack the Ripper is going to get you, if you don't watch out!"

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


A few days ago I put a bunch of photos up from the shoot for a film we had to do for my module Time here at university (post: snow in your face).
I must admit I'm quite pleased with the final piece. Also it was my first attempt in filming with a DSLR. Great experience. Have a look for yourself and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Snowtime from Florian BG Klein on Vimeo.
Filmed by Luke Biddiscombe and me with CANON EOS 550D.
Music is by Sigur Ros "Untitled 8".

A piece about time and snow.

What is time? How do you feel time?
It is always there. It is falling down and getting up again. Time never stops.
It is life...

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Misfits' Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon alias Simon on the left

As a huge fan of the TV show Misfits I tried to find out where the actors are coming from...
Well, what a surprise that Welshman Iwan Rheon, who plays Simon in Misfits happens to be not only an Olivier award winning stage performer, he is also a singer/songwriter.
The LAMDA graduate earned this years Olivier award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his role as Moritz in the stage production Spring Awakening.
Since this summer he also got his own EP Tongue Tied out.
Enjoy the song:

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow in your face!

In one of our modules we have to create a piece that has only one guideline: Time. So we using all kinds of effects manipulating time. Slow motion and speeding up the timeline for example. The film will be about 3-4 minutes long and probably contains a lot of snow.
Who thought that we would enjoy it so much...
Therefore I created a still images series as a little tastemaker in which each one of us in the group gets hit by a snowball. Photos are taken by Luke and me.


Luke and Euan after the jump...

Winter in Winchester!

England + Snow = Shut down!

Slippery at the cathedral grounds with Chloe and Natalie

...Yes, that's how it works here in the UK. Because of not knowing how to handle the snow situation it is standard procedure to close down a few venues. Trains stop, buses get lost in the streets, pedestrians are rolling down the hills and you know what I mean...

Me, preparing the next attack...

Well, Winchester is no exception. My university was closed today and might be tomorrow. Important rehearsals skipped and lectures cancelled.

What to do? First of all a coffee in my favourite café in Winch, the Monde. On the way to town bring on the snowball fights. Wow, how did I miss the heating game in throwing snowballs around and getting covered in snow and finally ending up in a nice warm place to recover.
Emma got a bit snow there...
After a nice coffee break the same again until you couldn't feel your hands and feet any more, because of the cold. Then watching A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey and Billy Elliot with friends at home. A great fun and also relaxing day I must say!
Oh yeah and by the way, we had Chinese take away as well, yum!
Kat who was on the camera.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...