Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter in Winchester!

England + Snow = Shut down!

Slippery at the cathedral grounds with Chloe and Natalie

...Yes, that's how it works here in the UK. Because of not knowing how to handle the snow situation it is standard procedure to close down a few venues. Trains stop, buses get lost in the streets, pedestrians are rolling down the hills and you know what I mean...

Me, preparing the next attack...

Well, Winchester is no exception. My university was closed today and might be tomorrow. Important rehearsals skipped and lectures cancelled.

What to do? First of all a coffee in my favourite café in Winch, the Monde. On the way to town bring on the snowball fights. Wow, how did I miss the heating game in throwing snowballs around and getting covered in snow and finally ending up in a nice warm place to recover.
Emma got a bit snow there...
After a nice coffee break the same again until you couldn't feel your hands and feet any more, because of the cold. Then watching A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey and Billy Elliot with friends at home. A great fun and also relaxing day I must say!
Oh yeah and by the way, we had Chinese take away as well, yum!
Kat who was on the camera.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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