Friday, 20 May 2011

Le Café (2011) by Ben Graziano

The film descibes five different facets of a young man’s life. Five ways, four stories, one café and one song.

This is my Final Year Project at University.

Flux Arts production exposes art through art.
It is the first project using an artist and expose his art with a drama.

The songwriter in the film is an actual songwriter in real life. He wrote and composed the whole score.
The song 'The View' in the end is also written by him. Ed Hoyland lend his voice for the track. The song will be available for download soon.

Song: 'The View' (N. Hillman) performed by Ed Hoyland.

Nicolas Hillman, Michael Adams, Stephen Rose, Pip Henderson, Peter Sundby, Nicholas Farr, Louise Torres Ryan, Adam Robertson

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor: Florian Ben Graziano Klein
Assistant Director: Matt Popay
Camera: Keir Dawson Siewert
Sound: Kevin Wosnitza , Matt Popay
Musical Director: Nicolas Hillman
Make up: Amy Farrar

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