Wednesday, 27 October 2010

FlowBe Visions: Ben Graziano

New name same guy. Florian BG Klein is Ben Graziano. As I'm starting a new series of artworks and productions I formed my own company. If you not already did so, check out my website:
FlowBe Visions

Right now I'm working on various projects, like Jack The Ripper - A Musical Play! as Lord Overcoat, the musical Fame as assistant musical director, and the film Le Cafe, which is my final year project for university.
In addition I'm happy to say that I got good work going on right now. Not only making photos for Student Scene, Winchester's local photography company, I also got work at the Winchester Student Union as a bar assistant.
The band is going well as we will do video session in the studio soon. Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow I will go to Brighton to do a location recce for Le Café. New photos are gonna be up soon, so don't worry. I didn't stop the Photography.

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