Monday, 28 December 2009


On Saturday I went to see Avatar in 3D and I was well amazed! After all the hype about this film, I had to make my own mind up. After my first 3D-feature-film-experience almost over 2 years ago I was very skeptic about seeing a movie in 3D again. I got a bit dizzy back then and didn't enjoy it so much.
I went to see Avatar with a very weird feeling, but excited. After the first 5-10min I got hooked and I dipped into the Pandora world almost completely. It was extraordinary!

I think, it was the first time after a long time I didn't realise what happened around me. Visually I had a pure WOW-feeling!
The storyline was not so great as I hoped, but that wasn't so important anymore. Still, the story was not bad, a simple antihero-hero-love-story, but mixed with political and environmental issues, which made a strong base for the colourful graphic explosion on screen.
This film surprised me and is for me one of the top films 2009 now.

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