Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Le Cafe: The feeling, the heart...the music!

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As my pre-production work is on going, i think a lot about the music of the film.

The idea is to have a music video as the final story sequence. In the previous part of the film are just little snippets of the song coming through, which the character Eli is writing throughout the different facets.

I really want to catch a nice cafe atmosphere which evolves the whole motion of the film.
To get inspiration about the "colour" and sound of the film i went through the intranet and came up with the following:

Hannah Williams and the Tastemakers, which are obviously my main influence right now;)
Morgenrot, a short film, which i blogged before. Beautiful! You plunge into a very intense emotional atmosphere.
Aloe Blacc, who is an amazing soul artist. "I need a Dollar", which i also blogged before.
Lazy Habits, Soul/ Funk atmosphere would suit the film very much, still more soul...
Leo Aberer, austrian singer/songwriter. Great music.

Those are only a few for the start...
I will try to start a series of posts, like the "Music, I listen to" series with inspiration for my film. In the end its about music and a songwriter.

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